LIFE Waste2Protein

Pilot plant for insect protein production from biowaste as sustainable alternative to fish and soy meal for animal feed.

Escalating demand for animal protein is expected to surge by 75% by 2050, straining natural resources and exacerbating environmental degradation, deforestation, and overfishing. Conventional fish and soy meal feeds contribute to these issues, urgently requiring sustainable alternatives.

LIFE Waste2Protein bred 300 tonnes of Black Soldier Fly larvae, fed on  20 tonnes of daily biowaste mainly from local supermarkets. It transformed organic waste into feed, providing a circular approach to waste management challenges.

As Europe’s first modular insect farm, LIFE Waste2Protein reduced CO2 emissions by 25%-42% compared to traditional feeds, serving as a model for sustainable agriculture and an innovative solution to Europe’s annual 58 million tons of biowaste.

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