LIFE GreenShoes4All

Innovative environmental shoes to address the footwear industry’s excessive waste and CO2 emissions.

The European footwear industry generates significant CO2 and non-recyclable waste. In the absence of universal targets or assessment tools, it struggles to adopt eco-friendly practices.

LIFE GreenShoes4All tackled this by actioning a Product Environmental Footprint tracking method. Setting targets on raw materials, plastic waste, and emissions, the project promoted eco-design and the development of greener products. The project surpassed revenue expectations, certifying and promoting eco-designed shoes. It achieved substantial reductions in CO2 emissions through the manufacture and sales of sustainable footwear. And on top of that, it pioneered recycled materials for environmentally friendly shoe production, driving lasting change in the sector.

Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
Portugal (coordinating), Belgium, Romania, Spain