LIFE Citizens’ Prize 2019

These nine projects have been shortlisted for the “Citizen’s Award” by a panel of National Contact Points.
The winning project was rewarded during the LIFE Awards ceremony on 16 May 2019, as part of the EU Green Week 2019, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

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Votes: 718
Coordinator: Green Balkans
Country: Bulgaria

Category: NATURE
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The Lesser Kestrel Recovery project established a breeding colony for the birds in south-eastern Bulgaria. By 2017 there were over 20 nesting pairs - a boon for birdwatching tourism in the village. The project also pioneered ways to protect birds of prey from poachers and predators. And it tracked the lesser kestrels, revealing new knowledge about their lives in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, as well as about their wintering sites in Africa.