LIFE Citizen’s Prize

These nine projects have been shortlisted for the “Citizen’s Award” by a panel of National Contact Points. Now it is your turn to vote!
Select below your favorite candidate for the “LIFE Citizen’s Prize” from one of the three categories and cast your vote from 8 April to 16 May.
The winning project will be rewarded during the LIFE Awards ceremony on 16 May 2019, as part of the EU Green Week 2019, Europe’s biggest environmental event.

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Country: Italy
Coordinator: SSICA
Votes: 256

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LIFE BIOCOPACPlus manufactured food cans coated with a bio-lacquer made from cutin, a water-repellent substance found in waste tomato skins. The project produced 3 000 cutin-coated cans using standard techniques at a farm in Italy. These matched the functional and hygienic properties of cans on the market, while saving 730 mg of CO2 equivalent emissions per can.